Sayema Hameed presents an informative 50-Minute CLE program, Drafting Employer Social Media Policies: What You Need To Know.  With the increasing use of social media including Facebook and Twitter, employee use of social media is a hot topic for both employers and employees.  Employers who wish to place restrictions on employee use of social media must be aware of the risks, benefits and guidelines for doing so.  This program addresses the risks and benefits of checking employee or job applicant social media accounts and provides basic principles for drafting an employer social media policy, summarizing the guidelines recently issued by the National Labor Relations Board.  In addition to the National Labor Relations Act (29 U.S.C. §§ 151-169), this presentation also addresses other federal laws to take into account when preparing an employee social media policy.


The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), which investigates, mediates and prosecutes employment violations under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, has launched a video series to educate employees, employers and the public at large about the employment discrimination complaint process.  “DFEH Intake To Decision” presents a typical sequence of the DFEH’s administrative process for handling an employment discrimination complaint from the initiation of the complaint to the decision.  Based on a fact pattern fictionalized from an actual case of perceived disability discrimination, the seven-part series features: 1) initial contact; 2) intake interview; 3) investigation; 4) conciliation or mediation; 5) accusation; 6) hearing; and 7) conclusion or decision.  You can view the seven-part series on the DFEH’s YouTube channel:

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) also has several short videos providing a brief overview of California’s labor and employment laws. In the videos, DFEH employees pose as co-workers engaging in short conversations about harassment and discrimination laws. There are three videos in the series entitled “Equal Rights 101″ which address the following topics:

  • – Pregnancy Discrimination and Family Leave
  • – Reasonable Accommodation of Disability and Religious Belief
  • – Workplace Sexual Harassment and Retaliation

All videos can be viewed online here: Equal Rights 101

You can view other DFEH videos on its own YouTube Channel: YouTube – California DFEH Channel

Do you know your rights when approached by law enforcement? It is no secret that Muslim Americans, South Asian Americans, Arab Americans, and other minorities have been subject to heightened scrutiny by law enforcement in recent years. Watch this informative “Know Your Rights” video prepared by Muslim Advocates to learn how to protect your rights when approached by law enforcement: Got Rights? This video is available in five languages – English, Urdu, Arabic, Somali and Farsi. Click here to watch the video online.