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When my Florida-based business was facing an acrimonious business dispute and lawsuit in California, we did not know where to turn for help. Our situation required the services of an experienced California attorney to handle the litigation, but we were hesitant to choose an out-of-state attorney. Cabada & Hameed LLP were recommended to us by colleagues we know and trust. Fortunately, we made the right decision when we chose Cabada & Hameed! They were fantastic, handling all of our needs effortlessly. They worked with us on pricing and held our hand throughout the entire process, assisting us in choosing a path that suited our situation and our desired outcomes. And they delivered! We got the resolution we wanted, including a complete dismissal of the California lawsuit. Now we can focus on what is most important to us: our business and serving our own clients. We were extremely happy with Cabada & Hameed and will turn to them for every other similar situation we face.

Felipe Fenton, The Armoury

When my post-production business was confronted with a contract dispute, I was lucky enough to be referred to Cabada & Hameed LLP. They handled my case with great professionalism and kept an open line of communication throughout the whole process, making me feel much more at ease with the entire situation. They were able to successfully resolve the dispute without going to trial, saving me time, money and the unpleasantness that goes with the process. I will absolutely go back to them in the future for any legal advice. I am extremely pleased with Cabada & Hameed and highly recommend them!